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Welcome at Art Studio Kokonov (ASK)

Matryoshka Online Art Gallery for nesting dolls (Matryoshkas, Matreshka's), and other Russian traditional arts like relief sculptures, outdoor arts, and wooden icons.

Author's nesting dolls (Author's Matryoshka's) as well as Author's sculptures and Author's Icons!

My name is Vladimir Kokonov!

Allow me explaining you a bit about me, my work, my artist collective, and what you will find here in my web site.

Vladimir Kokonov I graduated in the mid 80th as artist. My college is worldwide known for its excellent art creations and is located at Abramsevo, Sergiev Posad region, near Moscow. At this Art-industrial college I met my later wife Valeriya and we united forces and combined a unique group of artwork and woodcarvers.

We formed in 1992 - as our association were growing fast -- the Artist Company "Matrena OOO", which I lead till today as General Director. Valery Vladimirovna Kokonova is acting as artist-in-chief and leads the artist team and its work since some years per excellence.

"Protecting the past, but be open to new creations" -- this proverb became the motto of our work.

antic matryoshkaWe carefully conserve the traditions of our countries art, not only for consumer goods, but also securing those traditions the original characters, art and compositions of our master-hand-craftsman. We call it "Our Warehouse of the creative nature of Our Russian Arts". All nesting dolls or any other Russian art we offer are original author's arts. We are proud to demonstarte here some of our best author's nesting dolls (author's Matryoshka's) as well as many author's sculptures, and author's wooden Icons! Not to forget our famouse author's bottle holders (known as Futlar). We are used to live in conditions of healthy national life circumstances, where aesthetic function of any art entity is not perceived isolated from its original household purpose, and has also its practical role. Art ala Kokonov is felt as something inseparable from life. Our skilled artists are intertwining old traditions with new elements of our modern life and need. Thus we create very especial products, former stacking have turned into precious packing gift faults and confectionery products, in packages and forms with fantastic surprises inside.

Matreshka as Vodka bottle holder (bottle cover or futlar)We use to transform not only wooden forks or other instrument for cooking or eating into extraordinary traditional arts, but also numbers forms of containers for everything we need to store, like bottles, food components, guns, and whatsoever human mind might invent. And if made from wooden materials, we will carve it, and paint those cases, wooden nesting dolls and similar toys, boxes and containers, up to meter in height and smaller as one centimeter -- this is only an incomplete list of that masters-homeworkers at all central region of Russia are creating every day. Simple wooden household entities are transformed in sometimes extraordinary arts. Transforming simple goods in astonishing expressions of Russian Souls, hopes and traditions.

Very different personnel works in our company: professional graduated artists, as well as self-educated masters of arts. All loving our artists work, bringing in their extraordinary skills to express the rich Russian soul and traditions.

We not only develop the manufacturing of Russian art, a lot of time we spend also on charities for our city. All children's playgrounds in our town are made by our and our masters hands.

We try as best as it is possible to tell everybody more in detail about the national Matryoshka craft art. We printed numberless booklets and catalog's about a wooden nesting doll so that even in a far away corner of our native Russian land all people could learn about the unique art born by national collective tradition conserver, keeping in that way in ourselves a huge fruitful and never-dying energy of educating people on Russian art, traditions, and lifestyle.

You might wonder why you find so many names for Matryoshka. As rich as the Russian language is, we have a lot of variants for our beloved cultural goods, and so translations will generate names like Matryoshka, Matreshka, Matryona, Matrioshka, and so on. All are having only one meaning and stay for Russian wooden nesting dolls in all forms and fashions.

We hope you will like our Matryoshka Online Art Gallery and we would be pleased to answer any question you might wish to pass to us.

Yours faithfully Vladimir and Valery Kokonov.

Matrena, Russian Art Online Art Gallery

Matrena, were founded 1992 in Khotkovo, Moscow Oblast, by the Russian nesting Doll maker Vladimir Kokonov.
"OOO Matrena" offers only handpainted - and not mechanical reproduced - nesting Dolls 100% made in Russia. All herein offerd Matryoshkas (Matrioshkas), or other Russian art works here shown, are made by Mr. Kokonov, and / or his team of internal, or external working extraordinary skilled Russian craftsmen,
and all herein shown art is Authors work! Excellent Russian Art. We do offer only original Author's nesting dolls (original Author's Matryoshka's), as well as original Author's sculptures and exquiste Author's Icons!
Original series of Russian souvenirs, unique nesting dolls, and much more is on sale by Matrena of Russia.
Per example also religiouse motivated wooden Icons, wodden relief sculptures, as well as Outdoor arts for gardens or parks. Art Studio Kokonov does not produce or sell any mechanical painted stacking dolls (nesting dolls)! All Matreshkas herein shown are hand painted, and even if manufactured in series, each nesting doll is absolute unique, because its a hand made copy of the origin master Stacking doll!
One other outlet of Matrena are its famouse hand painted bottle holders (bottle covers or futlars), which is another unreached way to transform Russian art into household art! Those bottle holders are not only used for liquids, but often also as gift containers

Russian Dolls

Russian folklore in general includes Russian Couple, Troika, Tea-drinking, and personages of plenty Russian popular tales - those tales are manisfested in our original made in Russia Matryoshkas (hand painted Russian nesting dolls) and illuminating russian life-style preseved by Matrena and its artists skillful hands.

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